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This event has been canceled due to lack of interest - thank you!


Saturday, August 18

9 am - 12:30 pm in the Clubhouse

About this course: 

This specialty course is taught by highly trained law enforcement Swat Team officers/trainers who are a wealth of knowledge and they teach it in a way that the everyday woman and teen girl can understand and employ. The course offers important information about prevention and how to avoid becoming a victim, as well as teaches tactical maneuvers that can be used by persons of any size (using body leverage / Jiu Jitzu techniques) to escape from holds and fight back if being attacked. In today's world, this is highly valuable information. This course is for teen girls, college students, moms, single ladies, senior ladies and more. Come join us and learn something new that could one day save your life.

Age requirement:

Youth must be 13 years or older in order to take this course. This course is not for girls under the age of 13.  This is simply because we do not want to unnecessarily expose children to violence against others. Participants will be taught some violent actions that may need to be used during extreme circumstances.  Along with that is also the ability to differentiate those extreme situations.

About the Instructors:

Our Safety First Vendors have partnered with Paradigm Tactical Training Group for this course.  They are law enforcement officers with 30+ years of combined experience.  To read their bios, click here

Further Info:
Upon registering for this class, you will receive an email confirmation from the Safety First Vendor to remind you of the specifics. Wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring in snacks, drink, etc to help keep you comfortable and focused throughout the class. The environment is one of giving serious information, but it is relayed in a relaxed, comfortable and fun manner.   

COST IS $40 PER PERSON, arranged directly with the vendor using this link:


There is a minimum of 15 participants reqquired to hold the class, and a maximum number of 25, due to the space constraints of the clubhouse. 

Please don’t delay to ensure that you have reserved your spot for this class.

If you have questions or for additional information, please contact Safety First at info@safetyfirstjaxx.com.

Thank you!

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